Superior Housing Authority Properties

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Neighborhood family residences (in red):
  1. Park Place
    N 8th and Hammond Ave
  2. Catlin Court
    N 5th and Catlin Ave
  3. Bayview
    N 14th and Cypress Ave

Scattered family residences (in dark blue):

  1. Home
  2. Duplex
  3. Home
  4. Home
  5. Home
  6. Home
  7. Duplex
  8. Duplex
  9. Home Handicap Accessible
  10. Home
  11. 4-plex
  12. Duplex
  13. 4-plex

Privately-owned managed properties
(in green):

  1. Rosewood Apartments
    N 6th and Clough

Residences for older adults (in light blue):

  1. Krieps Manor
    N 14th and John Ave
  2. Idziorek Manor
    E 5th and 25th Ave
  3. Johnson Manor
    N 21st and Lackawanna
  4. Howe Manor
    57th and Banks
  5. Billings Park Villa
    16th and Wyoming