The Superior Housing Authority

Housing for the Elderly

The Superior Housing Authority provides rental assistance to qualified income-eligible elderly individuals.

Housing for the elderly can be found at 5 of our scattered sites throughout Superior. Below is a table showing the elderly-only scattered site properties we own. These are handicap-accessible units.

Scattered Senior Properties
Krieps Manor20 Units
Idziorek Manor20 Units
Howe Manor8 Units
Johnson Manor12 Units
Billings Park Villa28 Units

Photos and Maps

Click here to see photos of these developments. Click here to jump on our site tour of all of our developments.


Interested in applying for housing for the elderly? Go to our "how to get housing" page and learn more...

Other Housing Options

If you are looking for family sites, please go back to our Housing Programs page.

Don't forget, we also provide housing assistance at the privately-owned Rosewood Apartments, New York Apartments and through the Housing Choice Voucher Program.


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